About this Site

Hi and welcome!

My name is Bernd.

This site is the my personal space where I write about stuff I am interested in. This is mainly about computer tech stuff. I like UNIX and the tech around it. I feel that not a lot I do is new or original, but I still have fun doing it.

When tinkering with tech, I realized that it is really helpful to take notes sometimes. I write down things I have figured out and might want to, or may need to, do again sometime in future. Without such notes, I would need to spend considerable time to figure out how to do things again. Since I take notes on how to do things, there is only a quite small step to publishing them. Maybe there are some people out there who find them useful.

I actually write this site reluctantly. I always have more fun playing with tech than actually writing about it. However, there is this urge to put things in writing.

Something Fast?

The name of this site is a reference to the song "Something Fast" by The Sisters of Mercy. It is from their third album "Vision Thing". There is no special relation between the song and the site, except that I found the name quite suitable.

Tech Stack

For the tech people out there, here are some quick details about this site.

For Fun

This is a private site. I produce the content for fun, without any commercial interests. No JavaScript. No cookies. No advertisement. No tracking.